WPN Affiliates Releases Important Update on Reporting and Payments for Partners

San Jose, Costa Rica – September 19th, 2019 – The WPN Affiliates team today announced an update on its affiliate payment processing. A new software release caused the need for estimated payments with the final and accurate adjustments expected to be done within the next 30 days.

“We understand that we’ve caused some confusion among our affiliates, but we want to assure everyone that they’ll be paid the earnings they’re owed,” remarked WPN Affiliates spokesperson Michael Harris. “Some inaccurate reporting in the software caused some late and estimated payments. For that, we apologize. And we’re fixing it.”

Over the last few months, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) has been focused on its recent software upgrade, ensuring that players remain loyal to the network. WPN chose to focus on players in an effort to ensure that affiliates on a revenue share deal would continue to profit from players tied to them.

The initial software upgrade rolled out on May 20th with some stability issues and no loyalty program data visible to players. WPN is pleased to report these issues are fixed and the team is now focused on resolving the reporting issues.

In the interim, WPN Affiliates paid affiliates using an estimated payment system, as follows:

• June 19th -> Affiliates were credited for earnings from May 1st -19th. The team is waiting for data from the new software release to calculate and credit the remaining May payment.
• August 19th -> An estimated June and July payment was made
• September 11th -> An estimated August payment was made

Once the reporting issues are resolved, all affiliates will be able to see their signups and revenue for every player in the system. All estimated payments for May, June, July, and August will be adjusted to reflect the accurate earnings.

About WPN Affiliates

Since 2001, The Winning Poker Network Affiliates Program has supported one of the most trusted online poker networks in the industry. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional player conversion rates while focusing on retention and reactivation of players for partner affiliates. They offer a full suite of marketing and content resources and maintain a solid reputation with grade “A” payments.