The Live Cage

Poker is about to get even more intense as we`re bringing The Cage time-based cash game in tourney format live to Costa Rica for your players!

The Live Cage at the Taormina Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica is a 2-day event running every other month beginning in March 2018. Starting January 7th, we`re awarding three $8,000 prize packages guaranteed each Sunday at 6pm ET through the Beast and Sit & Crush Live Cage satellite. The buy-in is $55 or you can get in for free via The Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Live Cage is geared toward single adults
  • $8,000 prize package covers the $5,000 buy-in, hotel, airfare, and spending money.
  • Packages are non-transferable, have no cash value, and can’t be sold.
  • Players can choose which event they want to attend.

Banners for the Live Cage are already in our backend system. Log on now, promote the event, and profit from this arousing event.