Thanksgiving Bountyful Weekend runs November 24th-27th

We’re giving your players more reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving Bountyful Weekend pays players double the bounty for knocking out ACR Pros in special PKO tourneys.

The three guaranteed tourneys are a $500,000 ($215 buy-in), $250,000 ($55 buy-in) and $100,000 ($16.50 buy-in). The varying buy-ins mean that all your players should be able to participate, no matter what their bankroll size is.

Each tourney is a multi-flight with flights starting on Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Day) and running through Sunday, November 27th. The Day 2’s are then at 5:30pm ET on the 27th as well.

We expect all our ACR Pros to play in these tourneys (schedule permitting). It’s very exciting for players to knock out an ACR Pro, especially someone famous like Chris Moneymaker or Chris Moorman. And of course, the best selling point for your players is the double bounty portion, of which there is no limit. And they should get really big!

How the Double Bounty works:

Normally in a PKO tourney, if one of your players knocks out another player for $1,000, then they get paid $500 instantly and the other $500 goes on their head. If they knock out an ACR Pro in these tourneys for $1,000, then they get paid $1,000 and the regular $500 goes on their head.

*Note the extra portion earned for knocking out an ACR Pro doesn’t get paid instantly, but within an hour after the tourney ends.

The Thanksgiving Bountyful Weekend is one of the final big promotions remaining in 2022. So, tell all your players now and let them feast on those double bounties!