Marketing Tools

At WPN Affiliates, we make it a priority to empower our affiliates with marketing tools that guarantee success. 


We give you all of the information you need as an affiliate, including reviews that accelerate your credibility and SEO. 


Please feel free to also take a WPN Affiliates brand logo as well as all the information you want to post on your website


We can also create custom banners that can be co-branded with your logo. Here are a few examples: To see all of the banners we provide, please create an affiliate account. You can then pick the one that will work best with your website and mailer.


Every affiliate deserves a great landing page so they can convert as many new users as possible. We provide a service that enables you to design special landing pages with your website logo. You can also insert messages that you feel are most important for your players to hear.

If you’d like a co-branded or generic landing page for your site, please contact the affiliate manager at [email protected].


At WPN Affiliates, we believe that it is essential to maintain open lines of communication with our members. We send out mailers to keep players informed on promotions and other activities. As they say, communication is the key to any great relationship!