Cyclones newest way to earn a $2,650 Venom Seat

The $6 Million Venom tournament will be here before you know it at Winning Poker Network sites, starting Wednesday, November 27th. There have been plenty of ways offered for players to get their $2,650 seat for far less like Step Tourneys, Skip Tourneys, Regular Satellites and Mega Satellites.

Now, there’s a new and fast way for players to storm into the Venom.

Cyclones are essentially Blitz Poker satellites as players are instantly seated at a new table whenever they fold. That means there are fast-paced games with no waiting around.

Cyclones are also Step Tournaments. There are seven steps in total and players can choose to buy-in at any level. Step 1 costs just 25 cents and then the buy-ins increase from there.

Players advance through each step by amassing 5,000 chips. If they make it all the way up the ladder through Step 7, they are awarded with a $6 Million Venom seat.

One more note about Cyclones. Players can stop playing them at any time and their chip stack will be remembered when they resume.

Cyclones are an exciting new way to promote the $6 Million Venom, which is also the biggest tourney ever held by a US-facing network!

For more info, visit any Winning Poker Network site.