What reports are available?

You will find all the reports you need to analyze your marketing efforts, below are several you’ll have access to by clicking on the “Reports” tab:

  •  Detailed activity Report: This report lists detailed activity recorded against your account and the resulting income. Use the filters and column selectors to analyze the available data.
  • Signup conversion report: This report illustrates the ratio of hits to signup conversions (conversion rate) for your advertising
  • Player activity: This report lists detailed activity per player belonging to your account. You can use the filters to limit players by their registration details.
  • Player daily activity: This report lists daily activity for the specified players. Supply one or more player reference IDs in the form to see their daily activity.
  • Player registrations: This report lists your registered players and the details of the advertising they joined via.
  • Hits & impressions report: This report illustrates the ratio of impression to hits (click-thru-rate) for your advertising.
  • Media report: This report illustrates the ratio of impressions to hits (click-thru-rate) per media.
  • Countries report: This report illustrates which countries your hits are coming from.
  • Referrer report: This report lists the number of hits against a referring URL (i.e. the URL of a page you’re displaying advertising on).
  • Hits log: This report lists all available data for hits so you can perform your own detailed traffic analysis. It is recommended to download the report and analyze it in a spreadsheet application.